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C# Escape Unescape – Use our Csharp Escape / Unescape online tool to escape and Unescape C# string and files.

C# Escape / Unescape Online Tool

Escaped / Unescaped Csharp

Escape / Unescape Online Tools

How to Escape or Unescape C# using Csharp Escape / Unescape Online Tool

Step 1: Paste Csharp code or drag Csharp file.

Step 2: Click on Escape button to Escape Csharp Special characters.

Step 3: Click on Unescape button to unescape Csharp code.

Step 4: Copy the escaped or unescaped Csharp string result. You can also use clear button to start afresh.

C# Special Characters

The following table shows the list of C# Special Characters for using in C# strings.

Escape Characters Explanation
\’ For printing single quote.
\” For printing double quote.
\\ For printing back slash.
\\\\ For printing double back slash.
\? For printing question mark.
\n For going to new line.
\b For backspacing.
\0 For putting a null value.
\a For putting an alert.
\f For form feed
\r For carriage return.
\t For horizontal tab.
\v For vertical tab.
“” For providing the data inside the qoutes as it is.
@”” For providing the data inside the @ qoutes as it is without caring of any escape character in between.